creation story

All of a sudden,a enormous commit came down and … BANG! The fragments of the commit flew around the world and evolved into creatures different shapes and sizes. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†“hello my beloved creatures I have brought you to your new paradise!” exclaimed The Maker waiting for a response. There was silence. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† “Oh my,I made creatures who can’t ask for help or love me.” She cried with many disappointment of herself. Would The Maker make creatures that can talk?

The time had came,she was fed up with no one to praise her.She decided to grab a group of stars and through them around the world. Suddenly,magnificent  people came alive speaking in all sorts of different languages. The vibrant colour clothes running in the now full fields,The Maker was proud of her creation.

All the work was done. The Earth has been made. It provided food,from the fruits,water,from the lakes and shelter to all living and non-living things. All was light. All was alive.

Charles Darwin’s Journey

September 19th
After a night of continuous sailing,we were now rolling under in the ocean swell.In the bay of Chatham Island were big heeps of dark,black rocks with spires of naked rock.It was quite a desolate landscape.Nothing else could be less inviting…
The crew ventured and proceeded to the island.The sterile land was covered in bolging craters and volcanic rocks.Black lava spreaded everywhere like wildfire.We felt a melancholy feeling in our souls.It  had quite a muggy feel but it felt like 100 degrees super hot!

From the coast to the heart of the island,the journey made me quite tired and fatigued.But then a happy vibes entered my heart as I  started to admire and realise the foliage and vegetation from the lush,pretty plants along with the growing leafless trickets

The Galapagos island journal

September 17

After a night of continuous sailing,we started to roll under in the ocean swell but luckily we were close to land of Chatham.In mounds of black rock,we travelled past naked rock.All see ability looked rather lifeless.Nothing was less inviting then I what I saw from my eyes nothing at all.

Me and my crew was was disappointed it was hopeless  the trees we’re leafless the floor was spreded with black lava and no vegetation the ground and air was hot I was starting to sweat.

Creation story

Before earth formed, the universe was a vast, empty canvas not a drop off paint anywhere. The painter decided to change the derelict canvas into a bright colourful landscape to beat all her others. Her only friends and her only family was her art. So she decided         to wake the dead,empty site.

Near the top of the canvas, and covering the majority of the page was light and it overpowered the dark, that soon retreated. On top of the light, she painted a gold,shimmering circle bringing rays of white down,down,down onto the little heap of green blue and the little blob of white so she would always remember it was a canvas. At the bottom of the painting, was a glittering, silver moon, which was as shiny as a silver suit of armour, was planning to rise upwards but was to tired.

As she reached to get a little more blue, it spilled everywhere and it formed a type of crystal blue, light cyan abyss

First he separated darkness from light by summoning a ball , a ball full of light that he called the sun so it could guide his newly created creatures and humans through night and day . With a blink of an eye ,he filled the dark night with twinkling stars and planets that spread across the galaxy and the most important planet the moon that illuminated the night with its shining power . But he thought there needed to be a lot more

He took a look at the new world and he knew there needed to be much mor inside his wonderful creation ,  with the swipe of his hand he made cracks and holes in the ground and when he clapped his hands together  seeds from all different plants went into the cracks











Creation Story

Paragraph 1

Before the world came to be, the universe was an empty box, a desolate plain with no meaning. All of a sudden, there came a maker who wanted to end the sadness and make it more alive, All was dark. All was silent, but ,this woman had the the chance to change everything. She could start a new life for this box, she can do it.

Paragraph 3

Later on, The Maker targeted metors on the planet Earth, the metors got transformed into fluffy clouds. These clouds started raining stones. This turned the desolate plain into a thrilling landscape, after this event The One from above flooded this plant and only high land survived

Paragragh 5

The clouds started raining animals in all shapes and sizes, they were all different with different names and a variation of colours. Birds flew out the trees, fish leapt out of the sapphire waters and hordes of animals  ran into the sunset. This magjestic moment was incredible.


Patryk’s creation story

Before the world came to be,there was a pitch black void and a creator.The creator looked at the desolate world and thought ‚ÄúThis is empty.‚ÄĚAs he said that brilliant thoughts sprang into his mind. He wanted life!

Specks of light dotted the darkness and the creator seperated light from dark.Then a massive sphere engulfed in fire and a gloomy white smaller dot appeared. Another sphere appeared but this one was brown.

Tears of delight fell from the creators eyes and fell onto the brown sphere creating rivers,lakes and oceans. Then peaks and troughs,mountains and valleys.

From that water the plants that we have grew and flourished on the land covering the earth with fruit and vegetables. He looked at the lush land and said ‚ÄúIt is good.‚ÄĚ


Charle Darwins amazing journal

September 17th

In the morning (the day after the continuous sailing)we were now rolling in an ocean swell In the bay of Chatham Island.The landscape was filled with molten rock and lava.As we travelled over the scene we saw spires of naked rock.From the ship nothing ,no vegetation but more rock and lava.Nothing could be less inviting than the setting before me.

As we travelled along there was a horrible smell from another island.We were still surounded by black lava.I was feeling sad because I thought it’s going to be fun and find something but me and my crew are being disgusted by this smell.We only saw lizard

The Galapagos island

September 19

After several hours of sailing,we are now stuck in the ocean swell in the waters of Chatham island.The landscape of Chatham island was covered by mounds of black rock.Towering over the island,where tall naked rock in the muggy air.From the point where in now I could I could see no life everything was dead.Nothing nothing was more pleasant than this.

September 20

We proceeded to the next island all the landscape was covering the creaters truncated mountains all over the land.I saw different types of lizards there was lava lizards and more.There where not much animals witch was disappointing I really wanted to see different species animals. As I walked through the i



Darwin’s Adventure

September 17th 

After going through hours and hours of sailing, we were now rolling in underneath the ocean swell in the bay of Chatham Island. From the first sights of the Island I saw scattered hillocks as well as boiling hot black lava. High above the scene was hot volcanic rock. From the sights I have a feeling that there is no life as it seems as if it is a desolate plain. Nothing could b less inviting.

We continued on to the island. Most of it was covered with the remains of large former craters. Sadly there was no sign of vegetation as yet. My hopes started to disappear. My heart sank into my boots. The place had a horrible smell.

We went from island to island until my eye caught some potential vegetation. I had to continue even though I felt very fatigue and tired ¬†the muggy didn’t even bother me. More and more I went along the more the plants came alive.

There was a lot more growth in greenery. Suddenly, two large animals came crawling towards me they looked familiar, were they tortoises? I need them the Galapagos tortoise. They also had large hard shells which seemed undest


Charles Darwin’s arrival on the Gal√°pagos Islands

Arriving on the island was quite an amazing feeling and it was a honour to be one of the only humans to step foot on this island. As I got off the ship,I had now seen nothing could be less inviting than the scene before me. When night turned back to day, we had travelled quite a distance to the south east of the island. I was not happy.

It was sad to see such an unpleasant sight on such a charming adventure. It was a broken field wich had been swarmed by black lava that produced a horrible smell but that wasn’t as bad as the heat.

Many miles later, the disappointing land slightly turned greener so we hopped for a lot more sight of life. As we walked on fortunately we passed leafless thickets and many other plants seen on other parts of the island.


Darwins adventure

After continuous days of sailing, we were eventually rolling under in the ocean swell. The landscape of the island was a desolate plain covered in volcanic rock; it was a lifeless place. Over the towering scene, was an unpleseant smell coming from the bushes.There was nothing less inviting than this.

Darwins experience by Prem

September 17th- In the morning, we arrived on Chatham island. The night had been bad. A storm hit us. Our ship flew into the ocean waves. Everyone was petrified and confused what to do. This island had many grey coulerd crater-like holes on the rocky plain. The place was lifeless and deserted. Normally, the first look of an island is a beautiful beach but not this one.

Darwins journal by Vini

As the Beagle approached Charles Islands, the view in front of me was less inviting than I expected. Slowly I began to see a few spirals of naked rocks towering over the ocean sweel.

drawing closer, I realized just how barren the landscape was.The crew and I disembarked onto the burning sand, all that could be seen was solidified lava and massive craters.

I started to get very tired and dehydrated. While we walked through the forest, the vegetation started to get greener. Then we came back to the Beagle to go explore from the cost to the heart, gradually the air started to get extremely hot.

drawing near the cost, I could see that the vegetation was greener when we got to the island we walked for a bit and we found giant tortoises on Chatham Islands.

when we we’re going back to the Beagle I thoutgh what is this island is going to look like in the future.


How the world created

Deep in space, all of the gods always met up and thought about new ideas of what to add next to the dark void that was beneath their floating body, “We all done something but there’s a load more space!” Shouted Xeris , He made the sun, mars and named the universe The Milky Way. “Yes but you might want to ask everyone else what their idea’s are” Suggested Iris , She was the God who made the stars and the moon.

Days passed as each day everyone sat on the shimmering stars and sighed until “Aha!” Exclaimed Voltan, everyone sat up in shock as they straightened their backs like cats after a nap. “An idea hit me like a meteorite, I thought we could combine our powers and create something similar to mars but a bit cooler” Recomended Voltan as the Gods flew off the gliding stars. Xeris was the God of water, Iris was the God of nature, Voltan was the God of fire and Learua was the God of everything cold, They all got down to construction to build “Earth.”

Xeris made beautiful lakes, rivers and the ocean covering the sand like a blanket. Golden grains of softness awaited on the beaches, The bottom of the sea on the ocean floor glided among the seaweed that waved around like leaves. The waves danced to the beat of the slight breeze. Iris swayed her her hands to replace a dark spot on the planet Earth, She put a jaw dropping rain forest to add oxygen so all can breath , All of a sudden a couple of creatures jumped from the dark abis onto the trees to scratch, that noise was as horrible as ever Never could an animal imagine of that noise. All trees swaying under the beams of sunlight with their lime green leaves. Voltan made that when you set something on fire it blast’s on anything flammable. Leaurua created snow soft a piles of pillows that fall down on the cuddly polar bears toppling over on eacho

Charles Darwin Adventure

September 27th

After a very long day at sea,I finally arrived at Chatham island.But when I proceeded onto the island,I was very disappointed because there was no vegetation at all not even a spark of life.Anyway,I carried on with a little bit of hope but no that little bit of hope didn’t help.It smelt and there was pure black lava everywhere.

I hope that I find something useful on my next part of the island .As I started to walk to the cost , coarse vegetation was sprouting out everywhere,that’s a sign of good luck.So,I carried on and looked round and I saw more leaves on the trees

creation story By Ahmad

Before the world came to be.Blank place , pitch blank the creature wanted to build earth.The place wanted to be happiness .

The creature wanted brightness and blackness balls of light from stars glue planets.The creature wanted rainjobs made oceans. Stamped on ground made mountains.

The creature wanted the plants,trees,wetter and fruits. The creature wanted the animals .wind blue polin twix branches on to ground  grow. Animals different shapes and sizes.The creature wanted all humans so he .blue polin into grains of sands human became winings things. All the work was done,the creature happy all was well.

Charles Darwin’s journal by McDylan

After days and nights of sailing, we were now rolling at the beat of the ocean swell near the bay of Chatham island. The first thing that caught my eye was the landscape of the island, which was surmounted in black lava and volcanic rock. Out topping the scene, were the spirals of naked rock. From the HMS Beagle, I could see no life at all which made the island look very uninviting.

As we drifted towards the heart of the island, I was getting a little worried that I wasn’t going to find the answers I needed. The surface was parched, black lava was scattered everywhere, and even the air was giving me a muggy feeling in my lungs. As I continued to look, I saw the trees ¬†were still leafless after a devastating winter making them all look melancholy and sad. I was disappointed but I was determined to keep looking.

Galapagos island research

Use these websites to investigate our question:

Based on the location of the Galapagos islands, what conclusions can you reach about the landscape, climate, animals and habitats?



Pat’s fossil art :P

I made my fossil out of straws and chalk. I got my inspiration from a picture  I saw.I used scrunching to make the page look like a rock.                                                         The colouring went well but the straws kept falling off.Next time I will not use the straws and use paint instead .I liked cutting and sticking the straws.

Aadi Amani’s fossil artwork evaluation

For my fossil art work the materials that I used an A3 paper for my art.My inspiration was the bright colours that made it stand out .The wavy lines looked different and I didn’t want to do the same as my classmates who done the artwork as well. What worked well with my art is that I drew it out with pencil and then I painted over it.what I would change is do my black with felt tip so it looks darker.

Fossils!!! By Prem

My inspiration for my exquisite piece of art work was looking at the fossils and realising how the artist has recreated it in its own imagination and thoughts and converted it into a one of its own. For me, the easiest part was to cut and stick the fabric. Also, colouring in the left out bit in different colour crayons in the gap to make it look decorative and amazing. Next time, I would like to make it more colourful and bright. I really liked how I used the fabric onto the fossil because it was really easy and quick to do

Maja’s Stained Glass Art Piece.

My work on the fossil art was created by the inspirational colourful art pieces,The vibrant colours of it were very clear but even better things are that all the colours blended with each other and made the effect of stained glass .I could improve on how much I put water on it as then it’s not that soggy like it was.Although my mistake, I still made it look good by adding lots of colours and mixed them together to make new ones.I recommend the smaller brushes to make the details more clearer.I used Cross hatching (which was convinient) I think I could change the fact that the watery paints went absolutely everywhere,Last thing I enjoyed was drawing it as I am a fan of drawing.

My fossil inspired artwork

My fossil artwork was filled with colour and detail. It was inspired by an amazing piece of art that was bursting with vibrant colours including the rainbow, I thought it really stood out so I magpied the rainbow and added it to my own. The outline of the fossil was an ammonite. The water paint was effective but when I added a new colour next to the one before they didn’t smudge the way I thought it was going to. When I had finished I was very proud

By: India

My fossil artwork by Annica!

This is my fossil artwork !                                                                       My fossil artwork is inspired by famous artists and their paintings of fossils! The reason I am inspired by this art is because it used colours of the rainbow for the fossil instead of normal boring colours! Oil pastels were my choice because they are vibrant and stand out! I used a lot of techniques such as hatching and cross hatching for effect! After I did the background the Oil pastels looked very effective! Mine was a spiral with wavy lines every now and then! It was rainbow and the background was pastel blue and pastel pink coming down side ways in wavy lines! To be honest I think I should of tested the colours first to make sure they went well together but over all I think It looked alright! I properly could have done better but it looked kind of cool!                                                                                                            By Annica!!!!!!!!

Fossil time! ;)

My fossil picture was inspired by very bright colourful pictures that other artists have drawn.The materials I used to my make my fossil art were crayons (which were the colours of the rainbow) and water paint which were rainbow to. And to paint and draw all of this on I used A4 size paper.Also my favourite part about my picture was when I used the crayons because the colours went really well. Next time I would like to change the water colours because the water went everywhere! But it was really fun to explore the different materials as well:)


Fossil inspirations!   ^_^                                                                                   

My inspiration is from a zebra print ammonitewe were shown in class. I used pens and pencils and I think it made a really nice affect.Next time I would use art straws for the boarder.I enjoyed developing this piece of art because I used my favourite patterns.

Zane’s Fossil

My fossil was inspired by a different coloured fossil we looked at different Fossils.The only technique I used was hatching.The thing I think I’ve done really well is that i done well hatching with the chalk pastel and I done good shading to make I realistic effect. The thing I don’t really like is that I done so much smudging.i enjoined doing the colours and taking my time on a really nice piece.i thing I leard is that take your time on your work and I developed really good shading skills.

My fossil inspired artwork

My fossil artwork was really detailed and coloured in rainbow and was inspired by a beautiful piece ¬†of artwork that was so colourful and really cool to look at.I enjoyed designing my plan to make my fossil artwork and loved to start making the real fossil work.I was so proud of myself as I took my time to really make it stand out. Continue reading “My fossil inspired artwork”

Jan’s majestic fossil master piece

My master piece has alot of bright colours put into one big beautiful fossil.I thought sewing was a good idea but then it would take me ages so I used paint.The picture that inspired me was a brightly coloured fossil piece of art.I started by picking the best brush and the smallest to make it look not messy and to be precise where the paint goes.Next time I should mix colours around to make it more colourful.I really enjoyed painting the fossil.

My fossil art review by Beth

My¬†fossil¬†artwork is inspired by famous artists and their recreations of fossils. They have made fossils from boring to brilliant!!!( I mean grey to rainbow)Mine has circles all around it and they have wiggly lines in the middle ( that is my pattern) and the paint ūü鮬†is rainbow ombr√©. This is made out of crayons and watercolours or also known as crayon wash. I used crayons and watercolours because they are vibrant and stand out. Next time I want to improve on my timing because I took too long and also change my crayon colours because they were not my favouritist colours that I could have used. I don’t think the wiggly lines worked very well because it made them looked like eggs a bit and that isn’t what I was going for.

Fossil work!!!by:Marieta

This fossil artwork was inspired by the bright colours and shapes used in the inspirational art we explored.The oil pastels were a really good choice as they smudged really nicely and the colours were great.I used techniques like hatching and scumbling but then I smudged it.The oil pastels were really good colours but I think that when I smudged it I lost the tecniques.Maybe I could of not done circle and done maybe lines or something more effective and better.

Awaab inspired fossil I really

I really like how I made my fossil picture I really liked it because it had different coulors just like in a rainbow.I really liked my art.

Next time I’m going to use different art techniques ¬†get more realistic.

i think paint was kind of useful to me because you could really see the effect

Next time I would still use paint beacause I love the  effect on my drawings

My artwork

My inspiration for my artwork were the vibrant colours giving them an eye-catching look. The different techniques making them all look unique but by using the same idea. In my painting I used cross-hatching and hatching despite the fact that when I did the wash you couldn’t see it






What worked and what I could have improved 

For me the wash worked really well because the mix of colours gave kind of a special effect creating different colours as you mixed them. I think that I shouldn’t have started in crayon but in pen because it would stand out more and would have gave me more vibrant colours.

What I enjoyed

I enjoyed when I thought that mixing colours would ruin my picture but, when I accidentally did it, I thought “Wow, that looks good!”




Fossil artwork :P

At first I wanted to actually do ammonita with my favourite figure in but then it got complicated!

After a while,I changed my idea to the YouTube logo and did a metallic pattern around it! It was awsome.

In the core part of the fossil I did rainbow! 

what really went well was the metallic pattern because       All I had to do was do loads of small lines ! Peice of cake

what went wrong was when I had to cut out the triangles which was black.

I would change the colours to more plain and probably the shapes because it was plain and I should do a different theme next time!

my fav part was the rainbow ! IT WAS BEUTIFULL


Emily’s Rainbow Unicorn Masterpiece !! Evaluation!!


My fossil was inspired by Rainbows and Unicorns as I really liked the idea of doing the rainbow licqourice look because it just makes me feel positive from the bright colours. I really liked how I did the smudging as it gives the fossil a really nice look.  I also think chalk was really good as it gave it made the fossil look really realistic.Next time I will try to use different shading techniques to make it look more realistic and colourful.

Fossil inspiration

for my art work the inspiration I have used is the colours from a homage fossil and a shape of a real life fossil.


  • Needle
  • thread
  • oil pastels
  • black paper (A2)


The outline for my fossil was made from thread and for the inside I used a rainbow pattern.

What worked well and why?

I think the outline worked well because it showed where the fossil is also the stitches made it seem more clear.

What would you change and why?

I would change some of the colours as some were really bright and some were really dark. I think that happened because of the black paper so next time I could use a white piece of paper to see the contrast between the colours.

what have you enjoyed or developed?

I have enjoyed colouring in the fossils. I have developed on how to do sowing.





Fossil inspiration

This is my fossil picture and I was inspired by colours and tiles in different places forming fossils. Next time I will do a darker background with rainbow colours to bring brightness to the fossils to show the proper shape

I think the dark background and the bright colour contrast worked well because it brought out the light and made the dark luminous. I would change the colours and the overall shape so it would look neater. I enjoyed everything these past few lessons. Next time I will use a stencil frame, because it would make the fossil’s shape more accurately.


My inspiration is from the colourful ammonites! I used oil pastels because they are very colourful and can express a very happy and positive mood. I think it was a very good choice as I used rainbow colours to make it look awesome. Next time I will use gems and paint for more colour. I liked it very much because of the wavy design.